Reverse the signs of aging with Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are becoming more popular for their cosmetic effectiveness. Used in cosmetic procedures, these fillers provide volume and fullness to the skin. A very effective tool to fight the signs of ageing, dermal fillers can deal with facial wrinkles and skin folds very effectively. 


Dermal filler is a non-surgical injection that Is used to bring a more youthful appearance by restoring volume or fullness to the face and lips.

Skin loses collagen and fat as it ages and because of other factors such as sun-damage, smoking, poor diet, pollution etc making it look wrinkly and saggy. Dermal Fillers contain Hyaluronic acid in a very purified form. This is used to build collagen that is lost from the ageing skin thus restoring volume, lifting sagging skin and plumping out folds

The hyaluronic acid filler is injected in the layers of skin in the folds after numbing the skin with a local anaesthetic cream. Areas that can be treated include the laughter lines, the frown lines, smokers lines (area above the upper lip), marionette lines ( lines that run from the angle of the mouth to the chin), to build volume in cheeks, chin, lips, nose, to augment jawline and to correct the hollowness around the eye area.

These injections are not very painful when used with the numbing cream and you may feel a slight discomfort. The effects of the fillers last 12-18months and they help maintain younger looking skin.


As we age, we lose volume in the cheeks. This in additional to the effects of gravity causes the underlying tissues and the skin to droop giving rise to laughter folds. This volume in the cheeks can be replaced with a thicker Dermal Filler that not only creates a fuller youthful lift creating high cheek bones but also corrects the laughter lines.

The injections used in the lips will help accentuate the lip line, the cupid's bow area, the smokers lines ( area above the upper lip) and to plump body of the lips. Depending on one's pain threshold, they may choose to have this with local anaesthetic cream or have a set of numbing injections called 'Dental Blocks' given into the gums inside the mouth if required prior to the procedure. These injections given inside the mouth are relatively painless and are akin to having an injection into the gums from your dentist before a tooth removal.

we often overlook our Décolletage, the most age revealing part of our bodies. The skin here at the cleavage is one of the first places women show their age. The skin is fine, thin and very delicate, and tends to show sunspots and lines easily with age. Women also tend to overlook this area when it comes to skincare, not realizing they should be treating it with just as much care as their face. This area can be treated effectively with a slightly less viscous Dermal filler like Juvederm Volite, Restylane Vital or Profhilo . You will have a series of tiny injections in the area after using a numbing cream and you will require 3 sessions and maintenance treatment every once in 3 months.





Fillers are used to non-surgically repair a crooked nose or build a higher nasal bridge. This non-surgical rhinoplasty performed with fillers lasts upro 2 years


Hands also show signs of ageing and this is also corrected with the help of a filler that hydrates, lifts and plumps volume in the sagging skin.


Risks and Contraindications: 


Due to the use of a needle, there is likely to be some bleeding and rarely bruising at the injection site. Redness & swelling may occur after the injection and this reaction may last for 2 weeks. Rarely discoloration of the injection site, nodules have be reported. If any of these signs develop, please report them to the practitioners as soon as possible, so them can advise on the best course of treatment, while rare, such side-effect of their treatment may last for several months.   

There is no preparation required but if you have any medical problems or if you are undergoing any other treatment or are on medication, please discuss it with your Doctor. It is recommended to reduce any intake of alcohol 24-48 hrs before the procedure. If you are on blood thinning medicines for your heart, you must discuss it with your doctor.


The result depends on the skill of the doctor, the amount of filler used, the skin type, etc. smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive muscle movement may allow the filler to dissolve quicker than expected.



Cost of a Dermal filler treatment differs on various factors such as  the location of the clinic, the facility, the doctor, experience of the doctor, skill , the thickness of the filler, the brand etc. For e.g.,  lines on the forehead or the nose to mouth  lines need a filler that is less thicker than a filler which is used to build volume in the cheeks. There are different  thickness of fillers depending on the area being injected. It can range anything between rs. 20,000 – 45,000 for a single syringe. Before you book in for an treatment it is important to check the skill of the doctor doing the treatment. These are used to sculpt the face and often this type of facelift is more of an art and skill that comes with experience of doing several such treatments.


Risks and benefits of facial fillers:


When used on the facial skin, dermal fillers are termed as facial fillers. There are a variety of facial fillers and the benefits and risks of using each one is unique to the product. While the benefits are significant, the risks are minor and can be handled by choosing an expert administrator and ensuring high hygiene throughout the process. Besides, using a few precautions after the administration can also help in preventing the risks of facial fillers. Choosing a high-quality facial filler also diminishes the risks as low quality and cheaply priced facial fillers are often riskier. 

It is important to note that you must only use FDA approved facial fillers for the cosmetic procedures and ensure that only a qualified doctor with enough experience administers it.


Key advantages of Dermal fillers Treatment:


Immediate results:


The key reason for the popularity of facial fillers is its instant performance. The effects of dermal fillers are almost immediate with no downtime. As soon as the facial filler injection is administered, you can feel a change in your appearance soon after. Moreover, there is no downtime associated with the procedure and you don’t have to wait for any recovery. A little swelling or redness is the only side effect that can be easily overcome. 


Durable results:


If you want a long-lasting result of younger-looking skin, dermal fillers pretty much guarantee them. In most cases, facial filler injections are effective for one year sometimes, even uo to 18 months. However, a few people may need a touch-up appointment somewhere around the 5th-6th month.


Benefits for the skin:


Because fillers contain natural skin component, it has myriad of benefits for the skin. The presence of Hyaluronic acid in facial fillers makes your skin glow and shine naturally. Because beauty is natural you can feel safe and at peace with the treatment.


Natural results:


One of the biggest benefits of facial fillers is that unlike plastic surgery, it doesn’t leave you looking like a different person. Facial fillers are very soothing and natural when it comes to results. It creates the best version of you and not a different person. This is primarily because of the natural substance present in the fillers. 

There are many other benefits of facial fillers including a boost in self-confidence and plumpness of skin. However, the benefits can be enjoyed only if you get the treatment from a facial contouring expert only. 


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