Dermaroller Therapy in the news:

Dermaroller, a few years ago was a sensational hit amongst cosmetic treatments when it was discovered and is still making waves! The head of the roller is covered with hundreds of micro-medical needles that puncture and penetrate the skin, causing it to bleed and stimulating the body to produce collagen in the healing process. This process rejuvenates the skin, improves hydration and thereby reduces lines and scarring.

Preferred by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and others, it helps to significantly improve

Acne ScarsAged and sun damaged the skinFacial and décolleté lines and wrinklesStretch marks

Collagen reduces by one percent a year from the day you are born, so by the time you are 50, you have lost up to 50% of it!

The treatment itself lasts 20 mins but first, a numbing cream is applied on the face or the target area for about 30 mins. Then after cleansing the skin, the practitioner goes over the area in various directions micro-needling the skin, creating 250 tiny punctures per centimeter square. After the treatment, the skin feels hot for about 30- 60 mins. A cream is applied that also helps in the repair process and stimulates collagen. The client is then sent home with more of it and a sunblock to use over the next few weeks. The skin looks red and stretched for the 1-2 days and may even peel slightly. The repair process takes place continuously over the next 6 weeks. The treatment should be repeated every 6 weeks and you will typically need 3 treatments.