Several different techniques of lifting and volumizing an aging face with dermal fillers have been developed over the last few years.

Areas, where there is loss of collagen and certain key areas, are targeted to lift and enhance with fillers. But working on one key area of the face is likely to throw the harmony of a face off balance. Often a combination of a few key pillars of the face when touched upon simultaneously in a strategic way, brings out a much more harmonizing, volumizing lift that restores the natural highlights and makes one look youthful.

Working in a largely Asian practice with Tollywood film stars and strong influences from Bollywood and keeping desirability and beauty in mind, Dr.Shuba Dharmana has been highly influenced to develop this technique of lifting a face that she calls ‘The Liquid V3Lift’. It is her own approach to enhancing a face using a combination of injection techniques and selecting a few of those target areas.

V3 lift is a technique of shaping the face into a ‘V’ that is so desirable by the Asians and achieves a subtle accentuation and highlighting of the number ‘3’ on the side of the face that is favored and used in contouring and highlighting by the best of the makeup artists around the world.

The few key areas of volume loss are touched upon to lift the midface, for broadening and smoothing out the contours of the upper face, enhancing and strengthening chin and jawline in the lower face, all of which helps to achieve the ‘V3’.

Dr.Shuba’s V 3 lift is a glamorous lift to enhance facial features and to correct signs of ageing. It restores natural highlights and smooth youthful contours to a face.