The treatment combines 2 powerful wavelengths of lasers in the original fractional technology to take care of superficial and deep skin resurfacing. Combining 2 different wavelengths means it treats multiple indications both on the face and body.

Because of the fractional technology all the skin is not targeted which causes a lot more downtime with risks. This safe technology ensures microscopic columns of skin are treated leaving healthy skin in between the columns so the skin heals better and faster with minimal downtime. Any patient of any skin type can be treated because of this technology.


The various indications of this treatment:

· Skin resurfacing to reveal newer, brighter more even toned skin that has more hydration and glow

· Treats pigmentation like Post inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) from peels, lasers and skin conditions, freckles, age spots, sunspots and melasma

· Treatment of wrinkles around the eyes like crow’s feet and fine lines

· Acne scars

· Surgical scars

· Treats actinic keratosis

· Stretch marks

· Skin tightening

· Skin rejuvenation

· Reduces Open pores

· Improves skin texture

Results are seen from the first session onwards and keep building up with subsequent sessions and optimal skin care.

Since the treatment only causes coagulation of the microscopic zones and vaporization like other fractional technologies rapid skin healing takes place with exfoliation and resurfacing. Collagen remodeling happens over the next 3-6 months with anti-ageing skin benefits and growth of new skin cells from inside out. It quickens the cell turnover and replaces the old, damaged skin.


What happens during the treatment and after?

How do I care for my skin after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen and wide brimmed hats

Do not pick or rub the scaling or scabbed skin

Do not use skin care products with actives for at least a week

Avoid makeup for at least 3 days post treatment

Use mild gentle cleanser

Moisturize and hydrate skin with recommended products

Do not wash with hot water

Avoid sauna and heat

Your doctor may place you on anti-acne medication if you are prone to breakouts as it may cause purging of skin and an aggravation of acne in some

Your doctor may also give you certain actives to use along with topical skin lightening creams as home care for enhanced results

Do not do any salon facials or skin treatments for at least 2 weeks after until skin has completely healed.

Give min of 4 weeks gap between 2 treatments

What are the possible side effects I may face?


-swelling for a day or 2

-rough sandpaper skin for up to 5-7 days

-scaling and peeling for up to 5-7 days

-bronzed or tanned looking skin up to a week


-flaring up of acne

-darkening of skin spots or pigmentation initially for up to a week