The Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC), Mumbai 2023

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AMWC, a renowned conference had its first edition in India on the 15th and 16th of Sept’23, held in Mumbai. It featured more than 100+ reputable companies; and distinguished speakers like Dr. Jamuna Pai, Dr Chytra Anand and many more. Among these was our very own Dr. SHUBA DHARMANA, LEJEUNE MEDSPA.

The AMWC set the tone for a highly content-driven and engaging scientific program. Through various focused sessions with a panel of experts from anti-aging and aesthetic disciplines, these experts shared their perspective, knowledge and expertise. The conference gave one of a kind learning opportunity in a variety of aesthetics related disciplines such as surgical and minimally invasive procedures and much more.

The program also encompassed various topics of interest for all ranging from aesthetic dermatology and surgery to wellness, anti-aging, healthy aging management and lifestyle.

We take great pride in informing all our subscribers that our patron-in-chief Dr. Shuba Dharmana presented two topics at the AMWC:

1. PRP vs GFC - ‘Which and When’ in hair today- here to stay- advancements and innovations in hair care and treatment section:

Platelet rich plasma has been shown to increase the density and thickness of hair. Standard PRP doesn’t need activation. Double spin cycles yield better results. Whereas, GFC is modified PRP with activator in test tubes for better platelet retrieval. Single spin is used. Thus, More platelet concentration ~ More growth factors ~ Better results.

2. RF- micro-needling for skin laxity in power up your practice: Harnessing the power of Energy based devices:

It aims to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Radio Frequency Micro-Needling a treatment modality to improve skin laxity in people with early signs of aging in the face and neck. MNRF is safe and effective colour blind technology especially in skin of colour. Effective at improving skin laxity and hydration in the face and neck. Results are long lasting with sustained benefits for upto 12 months post treatment. Mild side effects and mild burning sensation lasting for a few hours.

                                                                                                                                          Author : Maansi Chodha