There is a big resurgence in thread lifts in India. With the availability of better absorbable Polydioxanone (PDO) barbed threads it gives an additional and novel way to tighten and lift tissues for those that do not want dermal fillers or want something additional to add to lift jowls, heavy nose to mouth lines along with fillers.




The threads provide a mechanical lift as well as chemical lift in time when they dissolve and help in collagen synthesis. The results can last well over a year if done properly and the technique is usually safe and effective when performed by an expert trained in the procedure.At LeJeune Medspa we use the world’s best Mint threads with Polydiaxanone absorbable threads with barbs for the best lift and durability.




Threads placed strategically, lifts soft tissue and anchors it thus helping to reduce jowls, marionette lines, nose to mouth lines giving a slimmer jawline and reducing the heaviness in the lower face.