Shed Fat, Naturally

Le Jeune provides customized fitness solutions for those who are looking to gain muscles. Our solutions in this regard will be unique to every patient and will vary depending on their body composition and health factors. Our experienced doctors will offer counsel and guidance on the procedure to be followed and the measures to be taken.

Our Expert Solutions

The following solutions are offered at Le Jeune in order to help you achieve the desired fitness goals.

• Doctor driven consultations about nutrition and physical activity plans

• Personalized diet programme with regular monitoring and counselling

• Positive Lifestyle changes with realistic achievable goals

We will understand your fitness goals and offer solutions that are very safe and convenient. With our customized fitness program, you can go about your daily routine without any disruptions and still achieve the desired goals efficiently.

Le Jeune Fitness program


1. You must be conscious of your diet and follow the diet plan.

2. You must know what is beneficial for you, health-wise.

3. You must regularly exercise before starting this program.

4. You need to let us use the maximum intensity.

The program;

1. This is a 2 week program curated by the doctor’s, here at Le Jeune.

2. The client shall be placed in a combination plan consisting of a strict diet and exercises.

3. Week 1 would consist of you following the diet for the first 4 days with basic exercises and 2 workout sessions, on alternate days after that.

4. Week 2 would consist of you following the diet every day and 3 workout sessions, on alternate days.

5. The “workout session”; would be a vigorous 1-hour session, with deep muscle stimulation, where we will gradually increase the intensity towards the maximum.

6. Body measurements will be taken before and after each session

7. We guarantee you will fitter and healthier after the 2 weeks and would be motivated to do more

8. Can be repeated whenever you want.

Rs. 20,000 for the program. You WILL gain muscle and lose fat.

Note: You must do basic exercises, at home every day and we will have to take the meter up to a level of 10 on the machine to see "good results".