At Lejeune Medspa, we provide the best standard of healthcare in skin, hair, and body. We practice Safe, ethical treatments using the latest technology. All our treatments are evidence-based, and our Doctors are highly skilled professionals. We are experts in facial contouring, enhancements for beauty, and anti-aging treatments. We also, do have our own, custom range of skincare products. We at LeJeune Medspa believe “Youth has no Age.”

We promise to deliver the most effective solutions in the field of dermatology. We are a skin specialist in Hyderabad and Bangalore and have been at the forefront in bringing world-class services for aesthetical treatments. We are specialists in handling all types of treatments related to the body, skin, and hair.
The skin treatments are built to keep common skin problems at bay. Multiple kinds of skin problems are there, and if you suffer from any, get your treatment done ASAP.

These treatments can be only adequate and make you get rid of skin problems with the product or brand you use and the way you use them. The lotions, creams, facewash, scrubs, and masks you use impact your skin problems. It will help you clear the blisters, and acne you are dealing with. But sometimes, these products don’t affect us. You only end up with more skin problems. During such times, medical treatment can be helpful. Different skin treatments in Hyderabad like dermal fillers, derma roller treatment, ultra therapy, botox, facials, and many more can help clear your skin.

Dr. Shuba Dharmana

Dr. Shuba Dharmana is an award-winner dermatologist and known for her work in skin and wellness. With her incredible and inspiring work for years, you can trust her for transforming your entire appearance. She puts a lot of passion into her work helping you transform.

Moreover, every doctor at LeJeune is specialized in their work and provides the best results with enhancements of magnificence. No doubt, multiple clinics in the world make you believe in them for delivering the best results. But trusting Lejeune Medspa can be more effective and helpful for your skin.

We understand that every patient is different and has different requirements. We first analyse their skin and hair and then recommend the treatment that best suits their needs. All skin and hair treatments at our MedSpa are approved and do not cause any harm. The dermatologist in Bangalore and Hyderabad takes into account all safety and precautions to offer you the best outcomes. However, sometimes you may not get the desired results.

Before we start with the treatment, our experts inform you that you won't see the results immediately, as it may take a day or two to witness the changes in your skin, body, or hair.

So, if you are up for the treatments to get that glowing skin, then contact us today. We strive to provide the best skin treatment in Hyderabad.